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Nova Scotia is a Canadian province located on the Atlantic coast, consisting for the most part of the peninsula of the same name. The capital of the province is Halifax, which is also the city with the highest population. Nova Scotia is located at the same latitude as Bordeaux/France and is considered one of Canada’s warmest provinces. Its close proximity to the ocean means that no location in the province is more than 45 miles away from the Atlantic Ocean. Nova Scotia can be reached by plane from Germany in about 7 hours.

Cape Breton is an island in northeastern Nova Scotia and is connected to the mainland by causeway. The island extends over an area of some 4,000 square miles and offers visitors a varied landscape. The Bras D‘Or Lake, which is connected directly to the Atlantic Ocean, is located in the middle of the island. The Cape Breton Highlands in northern Cape Breton with an elevation of up to 1750 feet form the highest part of Nova Scotia province. The Cabot trail, a road some 185 miles long, is considered one of the most beautiful panoramic routes in North America.