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„Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them“
Albert Einstein, German physicist and Nobel laureate (14 March 1879 - 18 April 1955)


1. 10-Year-Interest Rates - we are low - the possibility that interest rates rise is obvious.

10-Jahres Zinsen

1b. 10-Year-Interest Rates - is a turnaround in sight?

10-Jahres Zinsen


2. Spread between falling interest rates and rising stocks.

Spread zwischen fallenden Zinsen und steigende Aktien

3. Development of US Dollar Purchasing Power.

Entwicklung des US Dollar an der Kaufkraft

4a. Exter Pyramide - v. John Exter - illustrates the distribution of assets.

Verteilung der Vermögen exter Pyramide

4b. Annual Unallocated LMBA Gold Trading vs. LMBA Bullion Bank Reserves.


5. Monetary assets and liabilities are always equal.

Geldvermögen und Schulden

6. Dow/Gold Ratio - shows the gold price in relation to Dow Jones.

Vergelich Gold zu Aktien


7. Demography in Germany 2015

Demography in Germany 2015

8. Currency Wars

Currency wars

9. Annual Gold Production

Demographie 2015 Demographie 2015