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Recommended Books

  • Geld, Gold und Gottesspieler – Am Vorabend der nächsten Weltwirtschaftskrise – 2004, Roland Baader, Resch Verlag, ISBN 3-935197-42-X
  • Der Kapitalismus - Paul C. Martin - 1986 Wirtschaftsverlag Langen:Müller/Herbig, ISBN 3-7844-7180-3
  • Brot und Spiele - Schadlos durch die Wirtschaftskrise- Andreas Popp -2004 Books on Demand GmbH, ISBN 978-83341750-4
  • Währungskrieg - der Kampf um die Monetäre Weltherrschaft – 2012 Finanzbuchverlag, ISBN 978-3-89879-6876-6
  • Der Währungscountdown - Das verfehlte Geldsystem: Ursachen und Lösungen - Andreas Popp - 2. Auflage 2013 FinanzBuch Verlag, ISBN 978-3-89879-807-5
  • Psychologie der Massen KRÖNERS TASCHENAUSGABE BAND 99 - ALFRED KRÖNER VERLAG STUTTGART - Le Bon, Psychologie der Massen – 5. Aufl. – Stuttgart: Kröner 1982 (Kröners Taschenausgabe; Bd. 99), ISBN 3 520 0995 2

Recomended Texts

Gold and Economic Freedom
Published in Ayn Rand's "Objectivist" newsletter in 1966, and reprinted in her book, Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal, in 1967. Written by Alan Greenspan.
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02 December 2022
The US Moves from a Gold Standard to the Petrol Dollar
Saudi Arabia made the news earlier this week when Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the Saudi intelligence chief threatened to change the cozy relationship that his country has had with the United States for the past few decades. Saudi Arabia, however, did not sever diplomatic ties as the Daily Mail reported. Prince Bandar apparently is upset with the United States’ inaction over Syria and its offer to hold talks with Iran.* On the surface, it may appear that this is an insignificant diplomatic dispute. It’s not.
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02 December 2022
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