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Why does it make sense to invest in precious metals?

Gold and silver are the only precious metals that have always been accepted as a means of payment and exchange worldwide. Both precious metals are independent of the coins and notes, which we refer to as "money" in our present time. Our current monetary system is a "credit system" so that each credit (asset) is balanced by a liability in the same amount as shown in the following equation:
Assets = Liabilities
Since precious metals such as gold and silver are not debt-based, they are outside of this cycle.

Ownership structure?
The metals acquired at Bras D‘Or Strategy Ltd. are in the customer’s possession as soon as paid in full. There is the option of delivering the metals to the customer’s sub-account held at our partner IDS ( or to any (Canadian) address.

How are the acquired metals stored?
See Storage and Security...

Can the metals that are stored in the high security warehouse be taken out or inspected?
The contract for any stored precious metals may be terminated at the end of a quarter and the contents delivered to a Canadian address at the customer’s request. If the metals are to be shipped outside of Canada, the tax situation needs to be clarified. Of course, it is also possible to sell your precious metals at any time to Bras D‘Or Strategy Ltd. or another dealer. After determining the purchase price, the agreed amount will be credited to the customer’s account.
The value traded on the exchange is an indication for determining the price. Prices for physical precious metals may have a significant spread and can be above or below the exchange price, depending on market liquidity.

Are the acquired precious metals subject to tax?
The purchase or sale of precious metals is not subject to tax in Canada. Taxation depends on the respective country, in which the customer is subject to tax. Thus, it is not possible to give any tax advice.

Why does Bras D’Or Strategy Ltd. not publish precious metal purchase and sale prices on the website?
Pricing of precious metals has become extremely difficult in recent years. In the meantime, the exchange prices no longer reflect the physical prices. Spreads can be substantial, depending on market liquidity. In order to guarantee realistic market prices, Bras D‘Or Strategy Ltd. will inquire about current pricing for each customer individually.

Is it possible to inspect the stored metals?
Customers may inspect their stored precious metals at the high security warehouse of our partner IDS with about 7 to 14 days’ notice, since Bras D‘Or Strategy Ltd. must complete various formalities in advance.